How to Write a Research Proposal: First Step towards Ph.D.


For masters or doctoral students, learning how to write a research proposal is not an option. A well-prepared research proposal serves as an effective guide when you are conducting research. But first things first, what is a research proposal? A research proposal is a written study plan or a blueprint for an intended study. Different institutions have recommended the use of specific formats for students who are just learning how to write research proposals. Below a quick steps in writing a research proposal.

1. Write the Preliminaries

The preliminary consists of the title, which is placed first on a proposal. The title is then followed by the declaration, acknowledgement, the table of contents and lastly the abstract.

2. Work on the three major chaptersA good introduction should justify the purpose and the need or the significance of the research. It should consist of background information, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, objectives of the study and the hypothesis. It should also entail the significance, the scope, assumptions, and limitations of the study as well as definition of terms where applicable. The next major chapter consists the literature review. It is a partial summary of the previous work related to the hypothesis or focus of the study.

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