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Without consumers, there would be no industry, money or commerce of any kind. But consumers rely on the treatment they get from the creators of products, suppliers, and competitors. They are always trying to get their money’s worth hence the reason why they spend a lot of time researching about products/services. The consumer report magazine has always been the consumers’ companion with regards to educating them on what is available for them, the treatment they get from some companies compared to others, etc.

Today’s consumers that probably haven’t heard about the consumer report magazine also spends a huge amount of their shopping time researching. Many read blogs to discover new services or products, among other things. There is, however, a number of e-commerce companies that fail to deliver on the information end when it comes to their customers. Major essay writing companies for example, don’t have a review system on site, and fully rely on customer reviews in forums and other websites.

Students as consumers

Because students form the largest majority of consumers on essay writing companies, they need to find avenues that can make up for the lack of customer reviews on those websites. The most reliable strategy for them would be to check out essay writing company review websites to be able to come up with a list of websites they should trust or those they should shun.

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We review the essay writing companies for them

We help students discover websites that offer legitimate essay writing companies. Our goal while starting bedding-hotel.comwas to ensure that students have options and information regarding essay writing companies they can use. We have ranked and recommended some of the best essay writing companies based on the feedback their customers give us. We are also interested in helping curb the spiraling essay scams by accessing a list of legit service providers, consumers/students will no longer buy services from rogue custom essay writing companies.

How it works

We essentially post two types of reviews on this website. The first group of reviews is from real customers who’ve used real essay writing companies and have a story to tell. When they share and rate the companies they have used, we tally and analyze that to create the list of top rated companies for our users. We also publish their comments below the service they have used.

In addition, we publish and expert written review about every essay writing company our users have spent money on. Both types of reviews will be instrumental in helping customers make informed decisions.